Based on principle that the water adjust the climate in natural world, atomization cooling is to purify the water through the filter, then convey the water into NAAN and METAFIN low-pressure nozzle 7 L/hour after the pressurization by 4,5 kg-pressure pump, make fog particles mixed with the ambient hot air to absorb a large quantity of heat, and evaporate the fog particles by the air to accelerate the flow of the air at the same time to make the temperature of the ambient air quickly reduced, thereby achieving the aim of temperature reduction. In periods, when the temperature of the poultry house is high.

Structure and features of the nozzles:


The fan and pad system has been the standard system for evaporative cooling for many years. In this system, cellulose pads are mounted in one endwall or sidewall of the poultry shed. They are supplied with water from a pipe above the pads and excess water is collected in a gutter at the bottom. Air drawn through the wet pads by fans mounted in the opposite endwall or sidewall is saturated and cools the poultry house. Exhausting this heated air out of the house provides the cooling. Changing water from the liquid to the vapor phase absorbs considerable heat.

For program all the environment parameters for open houses and for tunnel-ventilated poultry houses, IVEGA offers a wide range of climate controllers.