The longitudinal way of cooling-fan ventilation is the most economical and effective way to reduce temperature of chicken house in hot periods. Also renews the air and removes dust, ammonia and humidity of the house, in order for the broilers to convert the consumed feed into body mass in the most optimal way.

During periods of intense heat, with reasonable designed and installed ventilation system, it still can control the temperature of chicken house under 30 degrees assuring adequate ventilation capacity and air exchange rate to maintain air quality and avoid heat stress, then make the effect of hot temperature on the growth of poultry to mínimum.

For air to be circulated inside the house, IVEGA offers a hanging fan of 1 m, is the ideal air recirculation fan whenever high air movement capacity is required in ventilation systems for poultry.

In climate control for the poultry industry, extraction fans are used to pull fresh air from outside into the house improving animal welfare. IVEGA offer our customers the 50” exhaust fan with shutter used for these tunnel ventilation systems.

With a climate controller environment we can get the broilers are healthier. This is achieved by combining the action of all these fans jointly with the IVEGA climate controllers. A variety of environment controllers with different stages designed for advanced poultry houses, ventilation and heating are regulated for optimal results in accordance to the birds age and weight.