The farmers are hard working people that get up each day knowing that their role is to produce an abundance of affordable, safe food. They also recognized the need to deliver eggs to the market in the most economical and quickest manner possible. The modern cage system was found to be a system that could meet both requirements in a commercial market.

Eggs are a rich source of protein and several essential nutrients, particularly vitamin D, vitamin B12, selenium and choline. Emerging evidence suggests that eating eggs is associated with satiety, weight management and better diet quality. In addition, antioxidants found in egg yolk may help prevent age‐related macular degeneration.

In developing countries it is essential to bet on a rate of zero malnutrition, for which the egg has a high nutritional value and much appreciated organoleptic qualities. It also provides a wide range of functional properties that are very important when the egg intervenes as an ingredient in manufacturing processes of other foods.

For a profitable and efficient egg production on an industrial scale, IVEGA offers a wide range of “A” frame battery cage systems in 3 and 4 tiers with manure removal system with scraper, automatic egg collection system, feeding system with automatic hoppers and nipple drinking system. For reduce temperature of laying house in hot periods IVGA offers complete environmental control equipment with exhaust fans, pad-coolings and fogging systems that renews the air and removes dust, ammonia and humidity of the house.

Several studies that found that free-range or non-cage barn systems had higher mortality, higher rates of bacterial infection, greater problems with birds pecking each other, and more mite infections.