Back 1949 Mr. Bonaventura Puig, grandfather of the current president, was devoted in manufacturing equipment for poultry farming in Spain. Since that time was brewing in the family tradition and experience in building poultry facilities.

In 1990, in Spain, Lluís Mohedano founded the company IVEGA-DOTEX S.A. first producing an innovative system of automatic bell drinkers and later manual and automatic feeding systems.

In 2008, after a thorough study of the situation of the global poultry sector and the vision of increased poultry activity in emerging countries decided to move IVEGA to Latin America, specifically to Argentina occupying a place in the manufacture of poultry equipment.

Actually IVEGA-DOTEX S.A. is dedicated to consulting, information and collaboration on poultry equipment projects and provides a complete line of poultry production equipment around the Latin American countries and is continuously developed and adapted their products to the needs of the farmer, offering practical, economical and environmentally-friendly solutions for the poultry industry.